Bank Holiday Opening Hours & Delivery notice for May 2019:
25May(Sat): 10am – 5pm
26May(Sun) & 27May (Mon): closed
28May(Tue): 09am – 6pm

Delivery & Collection for All Japan Rail Pass Orders:
* All Japan Rail Passes orders received after 24May 1pm will be dispatched on 28May, for JRPass collection will be ready after 2pm 28May.
* We will accommodate urgent orders during opening hours, for an extra fee.
Please come and order from our Holborn office.

travel tips

Stand in a line tip

Ticket machine has English instruction

tipsThere may particular space to queue at Shinkansen platform.

Green(先発) one is for next train, Orange(次発) one is for following train on left side picture. But the colour is depends on the station. (Red(先発) is for next train, Green(後発) is for following train on right side picture.)