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Shinkansen popular destination journey time

tipsShinkansen popular destination journey time:

Currency :  £1 = approx 153 Yen as of SEP2013

Journey Time by
Hikari or Sakura *
Time by
Nozomi or Mizuho*
Distance One-way fare Train frequency for
JR pass holder
Tokyo - Kyoto 2h 41m 2h 18m 513km, 320 miles ¥13,520  (£89) Every 30minutes,
Tokyo - Shin Osaka 2h 53m 2h 33m 552km,
345 miles
Every 30minutes,
Tokyo - Hiroshima 4h 50m 3h 56m 894km,
559 miles
Every 30 minutes,
change at Himeji or Shin-Osaka or Shin-Kobe
Tokyo - Hakata (Fukuoka) 6h 2m 5h 10m 1,174km,
730 miles
Every 30 minutes,
change at Shin-Osaka or Shin-Kobe
Tokyo - Nagasaki 8h 21m 7h 14m 1,328km,
830 miles
Every hour,
change at Shin-Osaka and Hakata
Shin Osaka - Hiroshima 91min 81min 342km,
213 miles
Every 30-60 minutes,
Hiroshima - Nagasaki 3h 20m 3h 12m 434km,
271 miles
Every hour,
change at Hakata
Hakata - Kagoshima Chuo 1h 27m 1h 17m 289km,
180 miles
Every 25 minutes,

* The JAPAN RAIL PASS is not valid for any seats, reserved or non-reserved, on “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen lines. If you use a “NOZOMI” or “MIZUHO” train, you must pay the basic fare and the limited express charge, and for a Green Car the Green Car surcharge.