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Hitoyoshi ~ Yoshimatsu by Isaburo & Shinpei in Kyushu

Hitoyoshi ~ Yoshimatsu by Isaburo&Shinpei

Hitoyoshi ~ Yoshimatsu by Isaburo&Shinpei

tipsIsaburo & Shinpei is considered one of the best local trains in Japan.

Isaburo departs from Hitoyoshi down to Yoshimatsu and Shinpei departs from Yoshimatsu up to Hitoyoshi. The total journey time is approx. 80mins and operating twice a day.

Soon after depart Hitoyoshi, the first highlight is at the Okoba station where the train changes their direction and zigzag called switch back, to enable trains to climb up a steep slope. The spiral line is called loop line, so after Okoba station, the train goes back and enters the loop line.

There is another switchback at Masaki Station.

After Yatake Daiichi Tunnel (2096m long!), you will come upon one of the "Three Great Sceneries from Trains in Japan" which is a spectacular view of Ebino Heights and Kirishima mountain range. The train slows down around view spots for the photos.