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travel tips

Travel to Hakone

Travel to Hakone

Travel to Hakone

tipsHakone is only one hour away from Tokyo and is famous for its Onsen (Hot Spring) and the view of nearby Mt.Fuji, as well as its beautiful scenery in all seasons.

You can use your Japan rail pass to and from JR Odawara station. You will then need to change to the Hakone Tozan railway and take this train to Hakoneyumoto station. The single ticket price for this route is ¥300.

Tokyo – JR Odawara (36mins by Kodama) – covered by the JR Pass
JR Odawara – Hakone Yumoto (15mins by Hakone Tozan Railroad) – single ticket price: ¥300

Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station


tipsThe Kyoto station building has a large shopping mall, hotels, theatres, restaurants, an observatory and event venues.


The Japan rail pass exchange office and opening hours at JR Kyoto station

Kyoto Ticket Office
(JR-WEST Central)
Ticket Office
(JR-CENTRAL Hachijo Shinkansen)

Avoiding Rush Hours

Avoiding Rush Hours

tipsThe weekday rush hours in Japan are between 7am and 9am and 5pm and 7pm. Most trains are generally overcrowded at these times, therefore, it is recommended to avoid the rush hours if possible, especially when traveling with big luggage or small children.

Hakata Station

Tokyo Station

tipsHakata station is only 2 stops away by subway from Fukuoka airport station (approx. 6mins), so after arriving at Fukuoka, you can easily travel to other cities using JR trains. The reconstruction was completed in 2011 and the new station building includes a Hankyu Department Store, its first branch in Kyushu. In addition, the department store includes many first-in-Kyushu branch retailers, including Tokyu Hands.


The Japan rail pass exchange office and opening hours at JR Hakata station

Hakata Travel Service Center (Mon-Sat) 10:00-20:00
(Sun & Hols) 10:00-18:00
JR-KYUSHU Ticket Office 5:30-23:00

Limited Express Asoboy!

Limited express Asoboy!

tipsThis train operates between Kumamoto and Miyaji via Aso in Kyushu and it runs through the caldera of Mt. Aso. This train was redesigned just before it started operating in 2011. This train has panoramic seats with incredible views and there are many features for families and kids.

There are no Green seats or non-reserved seats on this train. You must make a seat reservation before on board.

Stand in a line

Standing in a line

tipsCheck the marks on the platform and stand in a line where the door of each carriage is expected to open.

On-board Sales

On board Sales

tipsOn-board sales are available on most Shinkansen and limited express services. You can buy Ekiben, sandwiches, snacks and drinks etc…

Travelling in peak season?

Travelling in peak season

tipsDuring the peak season (28th Dec - 6th Jan, 27th Apr – 6th May and 11th - 20th Aug), you cannot be guaranteed a seat on specific trains. Unfortunately, you cannot reserve the seat until you validate your pass in Japan except on JR East lines ( Please check their terms and conditions before you use this JR East site.

We recommend that you validate your Rail Pass as soon as you arrive in Japan and reserve your seats as soon as possible.

Mizuho Shinkansen (JR Kyushu Shinkansen)

Mizuho Shinkansen (JR Kyushu Shinkansen)

tipsThe Mizuho is a limited-stop Shinkansen service which has been operating between Shin-Osaka and Kagoshima-Chuo since 12 March 2011. The Mizuho is not covered by the Main Japan Rail pass, however, you can travel on the Sakura Shinkansen (a few more stops than Mizuho) instead.

If you hold a regional pass (JR West Rail Pass, JR Kyushu Pass or JR Sanyo-Shikoku-Kyushu pass), you are allowed to take the Mizuho within your pass valid area without having to pay extra.

Coin Lockers at the Station

Coin locker at the station

tipsAt most of the stations you can find the coin lockers.

The cost of coin lockers is calculated per calendar day (0:00 to 23:59). In other words, if you use a small locker overnight, you will have to pay an additional ¥300 when you pick up your luggage the following day. Luggage needs to be picked up within three days otherwise the station staff will empty the locker.

In recent years, there has been an increase in products that can be paid with Suica and Pasmo cards.

Small size ¥300: H30-40 x W35 x D57
Medium size ¥400: H55 x W35 x D57
Large size ¥500: H85-100 x W35 x D57
(Prices in Yen and approx. size in cm)