How to use Japan Rail Pass

how to use a Japan rail pass

Using Japan Rail Pass is quick, easy and flexible. Travellers with a ‘visit visa’ stamped on passports may buy, exchange and take unlimited travel on JR operated trains, including most Shinkansen, ferry and buses across the whole of Japan.

*The last PASSES valid for travel on express bus routes will be issued on March 31, 2013. PASSES issued on or after April 1, 2013, are not valid for travel on express routes.

01. Choose your Japan Rail Pass

Choose from a 7, 14 or 21 day passes to use on consecutive days. You can travel by Ordinary (standard) or Green Car (first class), for a more luxurious experience.
> Which Japan Rail Pass Shall I Get?



02. Buy

Buying online is cheaper and more secure (followed by link to online purchase). For those with immediate departure, purchase can be made over the counter at our office.
*Please remember to check eligibility requirements before finalizing a purchase.



03. Receive

After order is finalized, exchange vouchers are available either for collection on the same day* or dispatched by postal delivery the next day*
*subject to meeting cut off period



04. Take and Exchange

Upon arrival in Japan, you can exchange and validate the coupon from exchange offices located at major train stations or airport. Just take with you the exchange order and your passport to claim actual JR Pass. You even get to specify the date you want to start using the JR Pass.
> List of the exchange offices



05. Travel

Enjoy unlimited travel from the start date of your JR Pass and for the entire validity period. For added comfort, you can book seats in advance at no extra cost!