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Travel Plan and Which Pass?

Q. Is the Japan rail pass really worth to buy?

faqOn my recent trip to Japan I made lots of day trip by Shinkansen (bullet train) and other JR with 7day Japan rail pass and it was absolutely a great value for money!

I activated 7 day-ordinary pass at Narita on 04Nov and used following route.
( There are local train between Omiya-Tokyo, but as changing to Shinkansen is easier, so I just pop on Shinkansen rather than normal train.)

04Nov: ¥3,680
From Narita to Ikebukuro by Narita Express -¥3,110
From Ikebukuro to Minamifuruya by JR local train – ¥570

05Nov: ¥23,820
Minamifuruya - Omiya by JR local train – ¥230x 2 = ¥460
Omiya – Kanazawa ¥11,680 x 2 = ¥23,360

06Nov: ¥3900
Minamifuruya-Omiya by JR local train –¥ 230 x 2 = ¥460
Omiya – Tokyo - ¥1,580 x 2 = ¥3,160
Omiya – Toro - ¥140 x2 = ¥280

07Nov: ¥28,910
Minamifuruya-Omiya by JR local train -¥230
Omiya – Tokyo -¥1,580
Tokyo – Shin Osaka -¥13,550 x 2 = ¥27,100

08Nov: ¥22,570
Tokyo – Nagoya -¥10,380 x 2 = ¥20,760
Tokyo – Omiya - ¥1,580
Omiya – Minamifuruya by JR local train: ¥230

09Nov: ¥360
Minamifuruya-Kawagoe by JR local train: 180yen x 2 = ¥360

The total cost for single tickets will be ¥83,240 but I paid only ¥23,800 for 7day ordinary pass!!

It depends how much you will travel within the pass validity but for my case it’s definitely worth to buy a pass!