Travel Plan and Which Pass?

Q. Rail pass or single tickets?

Is it worth to buy a rail pass or single tickets? I will be visiting Tokyo/Kyoto/Nara/Osaka and Hiroshima. I will fly out from Osaka-Kansai airport.

faq if you can make below journey within 7day, then the pass is cheaper than purchasing the individual tickets although you need to take Hikari instead of Nozomi.

Single ticket price
Tokyo – Kyoto: JPY13,320 by Nozomi
Kyoto – Nara: JPY690 x 2 by JR Nara
Kyoto – Hiroshima: JPY10,890 by Nozomi
Hiroshima – Osaka: JPY9,950 by Nozomi and JR rapid service
Osaka – Kansai airport: JPY1,160 by JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service

Total: JPY36,700