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Travel Plan and Which Pass?

Q. 7day rail pass or single tickets?

We would like to do the following journey this month by train:

Mon 27th - Narita to Tokyo
Wed 29th - Tokyo to Odawara
Thurs 30th - Odawara to Kyoto
Fri 31st - Kyoto to Tokyo/Narita

Is it cheaper to book a Japan Rail pass or the train and seat reservations instead before we go?

faq Thank you for your inquiry.

If you purchase single tickets for each journey, the costs are:

Narita – Tokyo by N’EX: JPY2,940
Tokyo - Odawara by Kodama/Hikari: JPY 3,640
Odawara – Kyoto by Kodama & Hikari: JPY11,750
Kyoto – Narita by Hikari & N’EX: JPY15,930

Total: JPY34,260

On this occasion, 7days Japan rail pass (JPY28,300) will be cheaper but you cannot reserve the seats until you validate the pass in Japan. If you still prefer to buy single tickets with confirmed seat we can also arrange it for you with handling fee.