Travel Plan and Which Pass?

Q. Kyoto to Suzuka

Could you advise train options from Kyoto to Suzuka F1 circuit? Can we use Japan rail pass?

faq travel from Kyoto to Suzuka will be covered by the pass, a sample schedule as follows:

Kyoto (14:29) to Nagoya (15:23) by Shinkansen Hikari
Nagoya (15:35) to Suzuka (16:15) by JR Rapid Mie

However, as you will find out Suzuka is a small station and thus train also has limited seats. It is also a bit far from the circuit with no public transport available.

A better option is from Nagoya, take a local train (not covered by the pass) to Shirako station instead where the circuit can be reached by bus in 20mins or by taxi in approx. 15mins.