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19Apr(Fri): closed
20Apr(Sat): 10am – 5pm
21Apr(Sun) & 22Apr(Mon): closed
23Apr(Tues): 09am – 6pm

Delivery & Collection for All Japan Rail Pass Orders:
* All Japan Rail Passes orders received after 18APR 1pm will be dispatched on 23APR, for JRPass collection will be ready after 2pm 23APR.
* We will accommodate urgent orders during opening hours, for an extra fee.
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Travel Plan and Which Pass?

Q. Please recommend which pass would be the best buy for us?

We are travelling between Tokyo and Hiroshima from the 19th of October to the 31stof October. Our itinerary is

Oct 19-21 Tokyo
21-23 Hakone
23-27 Kyoto (day trips to local areas)
27-29 Hiroshima
29-31Oct Tokyo

If possible could you please recommend which pass would be the best buy for us and how much you could provide it for?

faq We recommend 7day pass (¥28,300) to cover your journey from 23Oct to 29Oct.
But if you also plan to make lots of day trips while you are in Tokyo, it may worth to buy 14day pass.

21Oct: Tokyo to Odawara (nearest JR station to Hakone): ¥3,840
23Oct: Odawara to Kyoto: ¥11,950
27Oct: Kyoto to Hiroshima: ¥10,990
29Oct: Hiroshima to Tokyo: ¥18,250

If you need further advice, please let us know your detailed itinerary.