Bank Holiday Opening Hours & Delivery notice for May 2019:
25May(Sat): 10am – 5pm
26May(Sun) & 27May (Mon): closed
28May(Tue): 09am – 6pm

Delivery & Collection for All Japan Rail Pass Orders:
* All Japan Rail Passes orders received after 24May 1pm will be dispatched on 28May, for JRPass collection will be ready after 2pm 28May.
* We will accommodate urgent orders during opening hours, for an extra fee.
Please come and order from our Holborn office.

Travel Plan and Which Pass?

Q. Can you confirm japan rail pass is valid on those routes?

5Apr: Arrive Fukuoka Airport, move to Kumamoto (stay Kumamoto 2nights)
6Apr: Explore Kumamoto & Asi
7Apr: To Yufuin area (Stay Yufuin Onsen!)
8Apr: to Fukuoka (stay Fukuoka)
9Apr: To Hiroshima (Stay Miyajima)
10Apr: To Kyoto (stay Kyoto 3nights)
11Apr: explore Kyoto
12Apr: probably day trip to Nara?
13Apr: move to Kanazawa (stay Kanazawa 2nights)
14Apr: Kanazawa
15Apr: Kanazawa to Osaka (stay Osaka)
16Apr: depart from Kansai to UK

faq Here is the individual tickets price for your itinerary.

Day1: Fukuoka (Hakata) to Kumamoto: ¥5,190
Day2: Kumamoto to Aso (return): ¥4,360
Day3: Kumamoto to Yufuin: ¥7,360
Day4: Yufuin to Fukuoka (Hakata): ¥4,430
Day5: Fukuoka (Hakata) to Hiroshima: ¥8,900
Day6: Hiroshima to Kyoto: ¥10,990
Day7: explore Kyoto
Day8: Kyoto to Nara (return): ¥1,380
Day9: Kyoto to Kanazawa: ¥6,910
Day10: Kanazawa
Day11: Kanazawa to Osaka: ¥7,640
Day12: Osaka to Kansai airport: ¥1,160

Total Price: ¥58,320

All the above route are covered by 14day Japan rail pass: ¥45,100.
Please note you can only exchange your pass at JR Hakata station and need to purchase the single ticket from Fukuoka airport to JR Hakata station which will cost you ¥250.