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Travel Plan and Which Pass?

Q. Kyushu rail pass plan

I am planning to visit Kyushu using a Kyushu rail pass in May for 4-5days. I want to visit Mt Aso area but not sure where else I should go. Can you help with the itinerary? My flights arrives Fukuoka on 14th May in the morning.

faq here is our suggested itinerary for using Northern Kyushu 5day pass (¥9,000)

Day1: Fukuoka airport – (6mins) Hakata - (113mins) Nagasaki
Day2: Nagasaki – (120mins) Aso
Day3: Aso - Kumamoto – (67mins)
Day4: Kumamoto - Yufuin
Day5: Yufuin – Hakata

And here is for using All Kyushu 5day pass (¥17,000)

Day1: Fukuoka airport – (6mins) Hakata - (84mins) Kagoshima-Chuo
Day2: Kagoshima-Chuo – (50mins) Ibusuki – (120mins) Kumamoto
Day3: Kumamoto – (67mins) Aso
Day4: Aso - Yufuin
Day5: Yufuin – Hakata

Q. Kansai to Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nagasaki then back to Kansai. Which pass?

I will be travelling from Kansai airport to Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nagasaki and then back to Osaka. Which pass should I get?

faqIf you can make all above journey within 5 day, you can purchase 5 day JR Sanyo-Shikoku-Northern Kyushu rail pass which is ¥22,000 (current our selling price is £176) as a cheapest option. This Sanyo-Shikoku-Northern Kyushu rail pass offer you to experience ‘Nozomi’ and ‘Mizuho’. If it will be within 7day then you would purchase the 7day main rail pass.

Q. Can you advice which pass I should buy?

This is what I planned,

Day 1 – Arrive Kansai airport, then to move to Hiroshima
Day 2 – Stay Hiroshima
Day 3 – Move to Fukuoka
Day 4 – Move to Okayama
Day 5 – Move to Himeji then to Kobe
Day 6 – Stay Kobe
Day 7 – Move to Kyoto
Day 8 – Stay Kyoto
Day 9 – Day trip to Nara
Day 10 – Move to Osaka
Day 11 – Leave from Kansai to London

faq Here is the individual tickets price for your itinerary.

Day 1 –Kansai airport to Hiroshima: ¥12,130
Day 2 – Hiroshima to Miyajima (including ferry return): ¥1,140
Day 3 – Hiroshima to Fukuoka (Hakata): ¥8,900
Day 4 – Fukuoka (Hakata) to Okayama: ¥12,260
Day 5 – Okayama to Himeji then to Kobe: ¥4,790
Day 6 – Stay Kobe:
Day 7 – Kobe to Kyoto: ¥1,050
Day 8 – Stay Kyoto:
Day 9 – Kyoto to Nara (return): ¥1,380
Day 10 – Kyoto to Osaka: ¥540
Day 11 – Osaka to Kansai airport: ¥1,160

Total Price: ¥43,350

The most economical way is to purchase the 8days Sanyo Area Pass (¥30,000) to cover from day1 to day 8 (¥40,270) then purchase the single tickets for the rest of your journey.

This Sanyo area pass allows you to travel on Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansen which is not valid with main Japan rail pass!

Q. 7day rail pass or single tickets?

We would like to do the following journey this month by train:

Mon 27th - Narita to Tokyo
Wed 29th - Tokyo to Odawara
Thurs 30th - Odawara to Kyoto
Fri 31st - Kyoto to Tokyo/Narita

Is it cheaper to book a Japan Rail pass or the train and seat reservations instead before we go?

faq Thank you for your inquiry.

If you purchase single tickets for each journey, the costs are:

Narita – Tokyo by N’EX: JPY2,940
Tokyo - Odawara by Kodama/Hikari: JPY 3,640
Odawara – Kyoto by Kodama & Hikari: JPY11,750
Kyoto – Narita by Hikari & N’EX: JPY15,930

Total: JPY34,260

On this occasion, 7days Japan rail pass (JPY28,300) will be cheaper but you cannot reserve the seats until you validate the pass in Japan. If you still prefer to buy single tickets with confirmed seat we can also arrange it for you with handling fee.

Q. Can you advice which pass I should get?

My schedule is

7th October - Tokyo 3 nights
10th - Kyoto 3 nights
13th - Miyajima 1 night Ryokan if possible
14th - Fukoaka 2 nights
16th - Nagasaki 2 nights
18th - Osaka 2 nights
20th - Tokyo 1 night

faq Please check the single ticket price for your itinerary.

10th Oct: Tokyo – Kyoto: ¥13,220
13th Oct: Kyoto – Miyajima: ¥11,110
14th Oct: Miyajima – Hakata (Fukuoka): ¥9,010
16th Oct: Hakata to Nagasaki: ¥4,580
18th Oct: Nagasaki – Shin-Osaka: ¥18,480
20th Oct: Shin-Osaka – Tokyo: ¥13,750

Total: ¥70,150

If you purchase a 14day ordinary pass (¥45,100), you will save ¥25,050!
So we definitely recommend you to purchase a 14day pass.

Q. Tokyo – Kyoto, train timetable

How often the train (bullet train?) runs between Tokyo and Kyoto? I am travelling end of the year, so I worry if I can get a seat…

faq The valid bullet train for JR pass holder is ‘HIKARI’ or ‘KODAMA’ on this route. HIKARI has less stops than Kodama so we recommend you to take ‘HIKARI’ bullet train. The first train departs Tokyo at 06:26 and it operates about every 30mins. The last train departs Tokyo at 20:03 and arrives Kyoto at 23:02.

Please note the train time schedule is as of Oct12. Please check again before you travel.

Q. Kyoto to Suzuka

Could you advise train options from Kyoto to Suzuka F1 circuit? Can we use Japan rail pass?

faq travel from Kyoto to Suzuka will be covered by the pass, a sample schedule as follows:

Kyoto (14:29) to Nagoya (15:23) by Shinkansen Hikari
Nagoya (15:35) to Suzuka (16:15) by JR Rapid Mie

However, as you will find out Suzuka is a small station and thus train also has limited seats. It is also a bit far from the circuit with no public transport available.

A better option is from Nagoya, take a local train (not covered by the pass) to Shirako station instead where the circuit can be reached by bus in 20mins or by taxi in approx. 15mins.

Q. Best way to get to Nikko from Tokyo area using JR pass?

there are only 2 departures from Shinjuku (7:30AM and 1:05PM) and Ikebukuro (7:37AM and 1:11PM) and 2 trips back from Tobu-Nikko station per day (10:45AM and 4:37PM).

Q. Tokyo – Osaka, Tokyo - Kyoto

Do you know how long it would take using the trains from Tokyo to Osaka, and Tokyo to Kyoto?

faq From Tokyo to Shin-Osaka station, it takes 194minutes by Bullet train Hikari
(Shin-Osaka is the bullet train station in Osaka.)
From Tokyo to Kyoto, it takes 164 minutes by Bullet train Hikari.

Q. Please recommend which pass would be the best buy for us?

We are travelling between Tokyo and Hiroshima from the 19th of October to the 31stof October. Our itinerary is

Oct 19-21 Tokyo
21-23 Hakone
23-27 Kyoto (day trips to local areas)
27-29 Hiroshima
29-31Oct Tokyo

If possible could you please recommend which pass would be the best buy for us and how much you could provide it for?

faq We recommend 7day pass (¥28,300) to cover your journey from 23Oct to 29Oct.
But if you also plan to make lots of day trips while you are in Tokyo, it may worth to buy 14day pass.

21Oct: Tokyo to Odawara (nearest JR station to Hakone): ¥3,840
23Oct: Odawara to Kyoto: ¥11,950
27Oct: Kyoto to Hiroshima: ¥10,990
29Oct: Hiroshima to Tokyo: ¥18,250

If you need further advice, please let us know your detailed itinerary.