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Q. Validity in hours or days?

We arrive at Narita Airport at 9am Fri 12th October and travel by train into Tokyo.

On Monday 15th we travel by train to Kyoto.
On Thursday 18th we travel by train from Kyoto to Kanazawa.
On Fri 19 October we travel from Kanazawa to Narita Airport by train.

If we authenticate our JR 7 day Rail Passes at Narita airport say at 10am on Fri 12th will it cover the trains on Fri 19th in the morning between Kanazawa and Narita airport on our return journey?

faq I’m afraid if you validate a 7day JR Pass on 12Oct, it will only be valid for travel until the 18th Oct. The validity measured in days not in hours. What you can do is purchase a single ticket for your travel from Narita airport to Tokyo costing about £30 and validate JR pass to start on the 13th. That way, you will be able to use it on the 19th and cover your travel from Kanazawa to Narita airport which is more expensive than Narita to Tokyo. A single ticket from Kanazawa to Narita costs approx. £185.00.