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Dear Customers,
We would like to announce that our London office is temporarily closing. We will communicate with our customers only via Emails effective as of Saturday 21st March until further notice.

Monday to Friday: 9am to 3pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays: Closed
*Please rest assured, for any Email enquiries received Monday to Friday by 3pm, we will continue to reply the same day as usual.

Basing our response on FCO advice, we will contact all our Japan Package Holiday customers due to travel imminently to advise on your options prior to your departure date.
While we work through this unprecedented situation, we thank you for your continued patience at this difficult time. Please kindly bear with us.
Please stay safe and take care of one another.

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Japan Travel Centre Team

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FAQ japan Rail Pass General

Q. How to travel Tokyo to Hakone by rail pass?

faq Get to Odawara staion with JR pass, and from here you can catch local bus or buy Hakone free pass to take you around the sights.

Q. Do I have to reserve a seat in advance?

faq You can take any valid train without reserving the seats as long as non-reserved seat is available. But you have to reserve the seat on Narita express and some other limited express before you board.

Q. How can I book the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto and how much does it cost?

faq Do you just need a single ticket or are you a rail pass holder?

If you only need the single ticket we can arrange it and deliver to your hotel in Tokyo. Please let us know your travel date, preferred time and number of passengers. Also your hotel detail in Tokyo.

If you are a rail pass holder, you are not able to make a seat reservation until you validate the pass in Japan. Once you validate the pass in Japan, it’s free to reserve the seats.

Q. Collection from your office

I placed an order the passes this morning and I would like to come in and collect the passes tomorrow (02nd Oct) sometime between 1pm and 4.30pm - will that be ok?

faq Thank you for your Japan rail pass order.

Your pass will be ready for collection today (1st Oct) after 2pm.
Please bring your confirmation email when you visit us.

Q. Seat reservation

Is there any way to make a seat reservation in advance?

faq You can only reserve JR-East trains online before you activate the pass in Japan.

Please note you will need to enter your credit card details and collect your Reserved Seat Limited-Express Ticket by 9:00 p.m. (21:00, Japan Standard Time) the day before you travel at any of the locations specified by East Japan Railway Company.

If you do not collect your Reserved Seat Limited-Express Ticket, a cancellation fee will be applied.

Please visit JR East site for more information.

For other JR trains all seat reservations need to be made in Japan by visiting the 'Midori no madoguchi’ at the train station after you activate the pass.

Q. Can I take Mizuho shinkansen?

Am I allowed to travel on the Mizuho Shinkansen or is it just the Nozomi trains that I cannot use? I am planning to travel to Fukuoka and Oita from Osaka.

faq ‘Mizuho’ is unfortunately not covered by Japan rail pass, its same as ‘Nozomi’.
But you can take ‘Hikari’, ‘Kodama’ and ‘Sakura’ bullet train using Japan rail pass.

For example,
From Shin-Osaka to Hakata (Fukuoka): take Hikari or Sakura
From Hakata to Oita: take Sakura or Tsubame and change to Limited Express Sonic at Kokura (or direct to Oita by Sonic. Its depends on the time you travel)

Q. Can you send the rail pass exchange voucher by email?

I would like to buy a 14day pass. Can you send the rail pass exchange voucher by email?

faq The rail pass exchange voucher cannot be an e-ticket, so you must have an actual exchange voucher. You can come to our office in Holborn for collection or we can deliver to you with surcharge.

Q. What are "Nozomi" & "Mizuho" trains?

faq The main line which runs from Tokyo to Hakata in Kyushu is referred to as the JR Tokai Line and operates three classes of bullet train. These are divided up between the frequencies of stops at intervening stations. Nozomi stops at only the largest stations, Hikari at Large and medium and Kodama stops at all stations.

Although the JR Pass is not valid for the Nozomi and Mizuho trains, you can use the Hikari and Kodama, Sakura, and Tsubame trains without limitations. The difference in journey time from Tokyo to Kyoto is about 20 minutes with the Nozomi taking 2 hours 20 minutes vs 2 hours 40 minutes for the Hikari. The Mizuho is a new limited-stop shinkansen service operating on the Kyuhu and Sanyo shinkansen lines between Shin-Ōsaka and Kagoshima in Japan as of March 12, 2011.

Q. Kansai airport to City centre

Can I travel from Kansai airport to Shin-Osaka with rail pass?

faq Yes, you can take a limited express ‘Haruka’ from Kansai airport to JR Shin-Osaka station. It takes approx. 50mins.

Q. Rail pass eligibility

I (Japanese passport holder) and my partner (British passport) are travelling to Japan next month. Currently I live in UK under the partner Visa.

We would like to buy the Rail Pass but I am not married to him but will I still be able to buy it?

faq I’m afraid that your are not eligible to purchase or use JR pass. In the case of your partner, he is qualified to purchase, for as long as his passport is stamped w/ a ‘Temporary Visit’ status.