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FAQ japan Rail Pass General

Q. Can you deliver the pass to our hotel in Tokyo?

We forgot to collect our pass from your Holborn office and we already left UK…
Can you please post it to our hotel in Tokyo? How long it will take? How much it will be?

faq Normally it takes 2-3 working days to central Tokyo via DHL or other currier company. The delivery fee is £20. Please let us know the hotel details, checkout date and the day you plan to start using your pass.

Q. Can I take a train without reserving a seat?

faq Yes, if there is a non-reserved car. However if there are no seats available, then you have to stand for your journey. If the train has only reserved car you must make a reservation before boarding.

Q. I am leaving to Japan tomorrow. Can I buy a rail pass from you today?

faq If you can place an order by 13:00 today (Tuesday the 13th Nov) your pass will be ready for collection same day after 14:00. We open until 6pm today.

Q. Is there a limit to take a Shinkansen during my pass validity?

faq There is no limit! You can take as much as you want until the pass expires! But please note Nozomi & Mizuho is not valid for Japan rail pass.

Q. Am I able to use the JR pass in Tokyo?

faq Yes, only JR line. There are many private lines in Tokyo, so if you are traveling a lot in Tokyo, please consider to buy Suica card (kind of oyster card in London) or day travel card.

Q. Can I ask your cancellation policy?

faq If you do not use the JR Pass and require a refund, a cancellation fee of 10% of the price paid for the JR Pass, plus a £20.00 per pass handling fee will apply.

You will need to return the unused exchange order to us for a refund to be processed. Refunds will take up to two months to process.

Refunds will not be possible after the exchange order has been exchanged for the actual Japan Rail Pass.

Q. Does the JR pass have a student concession rate?

faq Tthere are no student concessions for the Japan Rail Pass.

Q. Can I buy two 7 day ordinary passes?

faq Yes. But please exchange them within 3 months from the purchase date and do exchange it at a different ticket office.

Q. Pass starting date

I assume this pass will initiate when I exchange the voucher in Japan I do not want my 7-day period to start on my UK departure date... Please confirm?

faq Yes, you can specify the pass starting date when you exchange it in Japan. UK departure date is not for your pass starting date.

Q. Narita Express

Can I use my rail pass on the Narita express, from Narita to Shinagawa station in Tokyo?

faq Yes, you can use your rail pass on Narita express as well. Please don’t forget to reserve the seat in advance as there is no ‘non-reserved car’.

Narita Express