Office closure for remote working
Dear Customers,
We would like to announce that our London office is temporarily closing. We will communicate with our customers only via Emails effective as of Saturday 21st March until further notice.

Monday to Friday: 9am to 3pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays: Closed
*Please rest assured, for any Email enquiries received Monday to Friday by 3pm, we will continue to reply the same day as usual.

Basing our response on FCO advice, we will contact all our Japan Package Holiday customers due to travel imminently to advise on your options prior to your departure date.
While we work through this unprecedented situation, we thank you for your continued patience at this difficult time. Please kindly bear with us.
Please stay safe and take care of one another.

With best wishes,
Japan Travel Centre Team

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FAQ japan Rail Pass General

Q. when I should place an order online?

We will arrive in Japan on Sun 11th Nov so I could order them on Sat 11th Aug?

faq If you can validate the pass on 11Nov12 in Japan, then yes the earliest date you can purchase is 11Aug12. Maybe you can leave it a couple of weeks to be on the safe side.

But please note the price is subject to exchange rate, so it may change at the time of your order.

Q. Can I change the delivery option?

I was going to collect my rail passes from your office, but I now don't think I'll be able to. Is it possible to arrange for them to be sent by post to me? I will obviously pay postage.

faq Of course we can arrange it for you. The delivery fee for Royal mail special delivery is £5.99. Please let us know your delivery address.

Q. How to specify the starting date?

I would like to buy a JR pass starting from 11th May but I cannot see anywhere on the online booking to input this information – only the starting date of travel (which for me is 7th May). Could you please let me know how I can input this information?

faq When you order the pass online you don’t need to specify your pass starting day. We will just ask your UK departure day to make sure that you are leaving within 3months from the online order.

You can nominate yourself the day that you wish to start using your Japan Rail Pass at the time of validating it in Japan. You can choose any date within the following month to start using your pass, which is useful if you do not want to activate it immediately, but the areas you will be staying in does not have a valid Japan Rail office at which to exchange the pass at.

Q. How soon I would receive passes?

Can you let me know how long it would take for the passes to arrive in the post if ordered off the website tonight as don't want to wait a week and then not receive the passes before we travel.

faq Please find below terms for Special delivery.

For special delivery option with Royal Mail;
If you order online before 13:00pm (Mon- Fri) we will post you the same day using Royal mail special delivery.

Q. I would like my pass to be delivered on Saturday, can you?

faq Yes, we can! When you place an order please choose ‘UK Domestic - Saturday delivery’ from Delivery Options drop down menu.

Q. Hours or Days?

If I validate my pass in the late evening (maybe around 8pm) of 15th Dec, when it will be expired?

faq The Japan Rail Pass is measured in days rather than hours. Even if you activate the pass in the late evening, it would expire at 23:59 on day 7. This means that if you activate it at 8pm (or anytime) on 15th Dec, it would expire at 23:59 on 21st Dec.

Q. I lost my rail pass…

I lost my rail pass in Japan before I exchange it… How can you help?

faq If you still would like to purchase a new pass, we can deliver to your hotel in Japan.

The estimated time is 3-5 working day and delivery fee is £25 additionally. But unfortunately we are unable to refund you for the original pass without the actual pass being returned to us.

Q. Can I have 10 day JR pass?

faq No, durations are 7, 14, 21 days only.

Q. Can I reserve a seat in the UK?

faq No – only after you exchange the exchange order with JR pass in Japan

Q. Can you deliver the rail pass to Singapore?

How long will it take to reach me in Singapore and how much?

faqIt takes approx. 3 working days and costs at GBP25 by DHL Express.