Office closure for remote working
Dear Customers,
We would like to announce that our London office is temporarily closing. We will communicate with our customers only via Emails effective as of Saturday 21st March until further notice.

Monday to Friday: 9am to 3pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays: Closed
*Please rest assured, for any Email enquiries received Monday to Friday by 3pm, we will continue to reply the same day as usual.

Basing our response on FCO advice, we will contact all our Japan Package Holiday customers due to travel imminently to advise on your options prior to your departure date.
While we work through this unprecedented situation, we thank you for your continued patience at this difficult time. Please kindly bear with us.
Please stay safe and take care of one another.

With best wishes,
Japan Travel Centre Team

▶︎ JR Pass Cancellation Policy

FAQ japan Rail Pass General

Q. Can you send the exchange order by email?

faq The rail pass exchange order cannot be an e-ticket, so you must have an actual exchange order. You can come to our office in Holborn for collection or we can delivery to you with surcharge.

Q. Student in Japan, can she use a Japan Rail pass?

My Daughter is staying in Japan to study at University in Kyoto. We are due to visit her in November and were hoping to buy 7 days train passes so that we can all go sightseeing.

Am I correct in believing that she does not qualify even though she is only there for a short time?

faq Japan rail pass is for temporary visitors. When your daughter arrived in Japan, if she has got a stamp of 15 or 90 days as ‘Temporary Visitors’, she is allowed to use Japan rail pass. If she has got a long term visa such as student Visa or working Visa, unfortunately she is not eligible for JR Pass.

Q. Can my friends exchange the pass for me?

Can my friends in Japan exchange the Japan rail pass before I arrive to Japan? then can she starts making seats reservation?

faq No, it’s not possible for your friends to exchange the pass on your behalf before you arrive. As original passport with temporary visitor stamp will need to be presented to proof you are eligible at the exchange office.

Q. Can I get a Refund?

A few months ago I purchased a 21-day JR Pass Exchange Order from you. Unfortunately, during my time in Japan, I was not able to exchange this order, so I wish to refund the exchange order. I understand this will be less 10% handling and admin charge, and that I have up to 1 year from the date of issue to complete the refund.

faq Would you please return the unused JR Pass exchange order to us by post or in person? Then we are able to refund your JR Pass exchange order. As you have already mentioned, the cancelation charge is 10% deduction of JR exchange order and £20.00 per pass handling fee. Please make sure that we receive the exchange order, otherwise we are not able to process the refund.

Q. Order online or buy at your office?

I'd like to collect the passes on Saturday or maybe at lunchtime from your office today or tomorrow (depending on work pressures).

Is it easier for me to order them online and then call in, or just call in and buy the passes? and I assume it is okay for me to collect them on Saturday if necessary?

faq The best thing to do is place the order online now so you get the online price then collect it from our office later. If you place an order before 1pm the pass will be available for collection on the same day after 2pm (weekday only), or, the next day if orders are received after 1pm. Saturday collection is fine too. We are open from 10am to 3pm on Saturday.

The passes are also available when you call in but will cost £10 more than online price. We look forward to see you today or Saturday.

Q. Can I take Hayabusa Shinkansen?

Is the Japan Rail pass valid for travel on Hayabusa (Tokyo – Aomori)?

faq Yes! You can use a Japan rail pass on Hayabusa except on Gran class car.

If you purchase ordinary Japan rail pass you can travel on standard seat class without any fees.

Q. Rail pass price

The pass price has changed since I saw it on your site last week. Why it’s changed? I though it’s a fixed price…

faq The rail pass price in Japanese yen is fixed but we need to convert it into the local currency which is British pounds and the price is subject to the exchange rate.

Q. Delivery to Shanghai

I am currently in Shanghai and I was wondering how long it would take your worldwide delivery service to reach me here. Also what that would cost me additionally. If it is fast enough I would definitely buy a ticket from you.

faq If your delivery address is central Shanghai, then the delivery estimates is approx. 4 to 5 working days by using a FedEx International Priority (worldwide) delivery. Please let us know the full address and contact number when you place an order online.

Q. Rail pass collection

This morning I purchased a 21 day JR rail pass for collection from the Holborn office.

Do I need to wait for an email telling me it’s available for collection, or can I come anytime this afternoon? Will I need to bring a proof of purchase?

faq Thank you for your email. Your Japan rail pass is ready for correction. Please bring your booking confirmation with you.

Q. Can you send the voucher by fax or email?

Is there any possibility to send me the exchange voucher by fax or email?

faq It is impossible for us to send the exchange order by e-mail. It cannot be an e-ticket, you must have an actual voucher.