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FAQ japan Rail Pass General

Q. Can I reserve the seats online?

faq You can only reserve JR-East trains online before you activate the pass in Japan.

Please note you will need to enter your credit card details and collect your Reserved Seat Limited-Express Ticket by 9:00 p.m. (21:00, Japan Standard Time) the day before you travel at any of the locations specified by East Japan Railway Company.

If you do not collect your Reserved Seat Limited-Express Ticket, a cancellation fee will be applied. Please visit JR East site for more information.

otherwise you need to visit the ticket office in Japan.

Q. How do we receive the pass from you?

My girlfriend and I are travelling to Japan this year and are considering buying the rail pass for getting around. If we buy a pass from your website what will you give us to take to Japan to claim our pass? Can this be sent to us in Glasgow?

faqUpon purchase, we will issue an exchange voucher which you need to take with you to Japan. At arrival, you can then exchange to the JR Pass at airport or major train stations. We do send vouchers by Royal Mail special delivery to Glasgow, the cost is £5.99 additionally. Kindly select the delivery option you prefer when ordering online.

Q. Wrong departure date, is it a problem?

I'm writing you about the Japan Rail pass booking I placed an order last night. It seems that the UK Departure Date is incorrect in the confirmation. It says 1st October, but it should be 12nd October (Friday). Should I amend? Does it matter?

faq The departure date does not in any way affect the validity of the pass. We only ask for the information to make sure that you are travelling within 3months which is also the period in which you can exchange the pass from date of purchase. And from exchange, you can use the pass w/in 1 month.

Q. Can I buy a JR pass for my friends?

I am travelling with a friend but she lives in Australia and we will meet in Tokyo. If I buy her rail pass on your website, does it matter?

faq No, it doesn’t. You may purchase and pay for the pass on behalf of your friend as long as the conditions and eligibility requirements for the purchase/use of JR Pass are met. Or she can do it herself with option to send it to your address. Just please make sure that the correct passport name is specified, as it appears on the passport.

Q. How soon can I get a rail pass?

I urgently need to order 2x Japan rail passes for two weeks. I am flying to Tokyo in 2 days. Can I pick up my pass tomorrow, the Wednesday afternoon?

faq Yes, if you can place your order online before 1pm today you will be able to collect the exchange vouchers from our office after 2pm today as well. Otherwise, you can drop by any time before 6pm but price will be £10 more than the online prices.