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Q. Can I buy a single ticket from you?

Is it possible to plan a day return to Kyoto from Tokyo with rail pass? How far?

I wondered if you are able to help with a train booking from

Tokyo to Osaka 29/10/12
Flight lands in Tokyo at 09:15

Osaka to Tokyo 02/11
Return flight leaves at 11:20

Is this something we could book through yourselves and if yes, do you have times and prices?


  1st class 2nd class
Tokyo - Shin Osaka JPY 20,560 JPY15,460 Nozomi (2.5hrs)
Shin Osaka –Tokyo JPY 20,560 JPY 15,460

Handling Fee: GBP30.00
Postage to UK: GBP50.00 (approx.)

I assume that you wanted to travel immediately upon arrival hence, the need to deliver the ticket in the UK. Another option is to be met by a representative at the airport to hand in the train ticket. Cost for meet and assist service is JPY10,000. It will be converted to GBP (GBP1=JPY115).