faq japan

Q. Tokyo – Kyoto, train timetable

How often the train (bullet train?) runs between Tokyo and Kyoto? I am travelling end of the year, so I worry if I can get a seat…

faq The valid bullet train for JR pass holder is ‘Hikari’ or ‘Kodama’ on this route. Hikari has less stops than Kodama so we recommend you to take ‘Hikari’ bullet train. The first train departs Tokyo at 06:26 and it operates about every 30mins. The last train departs Tokyo at 20:03 and arrives Kyoto at 23:02.
Please note the train time schedule is as of Oct12. Please check again before you travel.

Q. Nozomi Single ticket

I just need a one way ticket and reserved seat on Nozomi train, can you help?

faq Yes, we can arrange it for you.

Just let us know the details of your journey and hotel (we will deliver it to you hotel in Japan), then we will give you the quotation.

Q. What is ‘Gran Class’ on Hayabusa train?

faq Gran Class is a premium first-class cabin with 2x1 seats per row (total 18seats) on Hayabusa (Tohoku Shinkansen).

The passengers will be offered slippers, blankets, newspapers, a selection of food and drink, and full-time service from the Gran Class cabin attendants.

Japan Rail Pass covers only the basic fare. If you want to take the Gran Class, you have to pay the Limited Express surcharge and Gran Class car surcharge.

Q. How can I find the train schedule?

I want to take the earliest train from Tokyo to Kyoto.

faq The earliest train leaves Tokyo at 06:00am and arrive Kyoto at 08:11am but this is Nozomi train so the pass is not valid.

The earliest Hikari which you can take with you rail pass leaves Tokyo at 06:26am and arrive Kyoto at 09:15am.

You can find the train schedule at Hyperdia website

Q. Storing luggage

Is there any space for storing luggage on the shinkansen train?

faq There is no proper luggage space on the Shinkansen, so in case you can’t place your luggage on the overhead rack you will need to store them in the space behind the last row of seats at the end of the carriage. But the space is very small and limited.