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Visa Information Japan

Do I Need a Visa to Enter Japan?

Obtaining a visa to enter a foreign country can be a tricky procedure and Japan is no exception. Depending on where your current passport was issued, this will affect whether you need to organise a visa prior to your trip to Japan or not.

Landing Permission Stamp japan

The following information will give details about which countries have a "Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangement" with Japan.

British Passport Holders

Any British citizen with a full British passport does not require a visa to enter Japan! However, you will need to submit a Disembarkation Card which will be provided either during the flight or after you have arrived at your arrival airport in Japan.
This is a simple form and will look something like this:

Disembarkation Card japan

Other Passport Holders

If you hold a passport from any of the coutries listed below, similarly you will not be required to make any visa arrangements and only the above disembarkation card will be necessary:


For a period of 6 months or less
Austria, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (UK citizens only).
For a period of 3 months or less
Argentina, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Rep., El Salvador, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Israel, Italy, LLesotho (Note 2), Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal (except when the passport was originally issued in present or former Portuguese colonies), San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Surinam, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey (Note 2) and Uruguay.
For a period of 90 days or less
Andorra, Australia, Barbados (Note 2), Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Estonia, Hong Kong (Note 3), Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau (Note 4), Monaco, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Taiwan (Note 5) and the U.S.A.
For a period of up to 14 days

Countries and Regions with Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan
(Note 1)

Note 1: Nationals of some countries which have a visa exemption arrangement with Japan are currently strongly recommended to obtain a visa prior to entering Japan. Strict landing examination will apply at passport control in Japan for those nationals arriving without visas. These countries are: Malaysia (since 1st June 1993), Peru (since 15th July 1995) and Colombia (since 1st February 2004).

Note 2: Nationals of Lesotho and Barbados with NON-MACHINE READABLE PASSPORTS (NON-MRP) are strongly recommended to obtain a visa before entering Japan (from 1st April 2010). Turkish nationals with NON-MRP also will be strongly recommended to obtain a visa from 1st April 2011.

Note 3: Visas are not required for Hong Kong SAR passport holders and BNO passports holders (Hong Kong permanent identity card holders).

Note 4: Visas are not required for Macau SAR passport holders.

Note 5: Visas are not required for Taiwan passport holders with a personal ID number shown in the respective passport.

What if My Country is Not on The List?

If your passport was issued in any country that is not listed here then you will need to make visa arrangements before you leave to Japan.
The best way to organise a Japanese travel visa is to speak directly to your embassy or the Japanese embassy as they will have all the necessary details and application forms you will need.

I have a visa to stay in the UK, do I need a visa for Japan?

Unfortunately, the deciding factor of whether you need a visa to enter Japan or not is decided by the passport you have, not any other visas which you may have. Therefore the above rules still apply and you will need to check with an embassy to organise a visa if your country is not on the list.

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